Back by popular demand!!

OffRoading A5 Landscape

Sometimes in life you decide to take the path less travelled but occasionally life has plans of its own and drags you onto a path NEVER travelled and all you can do is hang on tight to the wheel. It’s time for a bit of off-roading… exhilarating, life affirming but one hell of a bumpy ride!!

Threadbare Theatre Company’s latest production asks some timely questions about trying to figure out adulthood, and what happens when Cancer unexpectedly gets in the way and you are thrust into decisions that you thought you had years to make.

Threadbare deals with some serious issues in a fun and entertaining way always seeking the joy and humour to be found in all human situations and interactions.

Inspired by real events, ultimately it is a love story about two millennials, perpetual adolescents who, as the Facebook meme says, just don’t want to “adult today”, but suddenly find they have to.

OffRoading really is a roller-coaster experience! From proper belly laughs to genuine tears,this play provokes them all and is utterly absorbing from start to finish” – Audience Member

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