Such Art, Such Beauty!

Such 2 A5 Cover

Barbara and Lucy, friends and long standing members of the Red Velvet Opera group, find themselves vying for the lead part in their next Opera, in this riotous behind the scenes comedy. Barbara is every bit the dramatic soprano, never able to enter a room without “giving the impression she’ll demolish the furniture”, while Lucy, the studious young Mezzo, is desperate for her chance to play a leading lady, or even just get herself into a frock.

Opera being the passionate art form it is, this is a tale as much about getting the man as the best part in the forthcoming opera, and their conductor Sebastian is the hottest baton in town. However as they prepare to face off in a head to head battle, a stranger rides into town, and threatens to take not only the role, but also the attention of the ever elusive Sebastian from under their very noses.

Can life ever be as spectacular as an Opera? It can certainly be as dramatic, and often more hilarious, as we discover in this riotous behind the scenes comedy.

 Sunday 26th June – Wednesday 29th June @ 8pm Crown Inn, Old Oxted

Tickets £15, £12.50 Concessions

Box office 01883 723 885 or click


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