Apply to join the team for our Brighton run!

Voices of the Great War

Gala performance at Theatre Royal Brighton and then a tour
£100 guaranteed fee and profit share
Tried and tested format recruiting extra actors

This is an opportunity to join a project that has been underway for over a year working on 100 year old scripts. Collated together in a Music hall style evening these plays were written during the First world and have not been performed, or performed rarely, since. We performed initially in Surrey in Nov 2015, and were picked up to perform at the Somme centenary in Manchester in July of this year. We then played a festival in Surrey and were invited back by the original venue to perform again. We are now producing a gala matinee performance at Theatre royal in Brighton, and plan to then mount a tour.
We are casting two main roles, but there are also subsidiary roles within the company and also songs – this is a real ensemble piece and you must be prepared to get stuck in. We will be taking plays we have already performed – including one by A.A.Milne and one by J.M.Barrie – as well as adding to our repertoire.
The fee is £100 guaranteed with a share of the profit. As a company we have never not made additional profit for our actors and work very hard to ensure we get the best financial deals possible. The production is already partly costumed and propped so we do not expect production costs to be large. Additionally we have access to costumes for free from our sister company Fancier dress, a costume and fancy dress hire shop.
This is a wonderful opportunity to tread the boards in a well known 200 year old 950 seat theatre, it will look great on your CV and give you good exposure. Comp tickets will be available for agents and casting directors. The show will be recorded and you will be given a copy of this.

Mr Torrance

  • Description
    J.M.Barrie wrote A new word in March 1915, and that is where we meet Mr Torrance – the night before his son is due to take up a position as 2nd Lieutenant in the army and depart for the first world war. Mr Torrance is described by Barrie as “no great luminary”. He is a law clerk, who has managed to raise his family’s standard of living and “by an effort” send his son to boarding school. Now the day of departure is upon them and Mr Torrance must try and find some words for the occasion. A sarcastic man, he is a man of his time, with a strong British stiff upper lip and a belief that displays of affection are all “bunkum”. He comes from a relatively humble background but is now able to “keep one servant” and also employ a young girl twice a month to “crawl about the floors”. He is a proud family man, who likes a cigar and a joke in the club with like minded professional men.
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Mrs Torrance

  • Description
    J.M.Barrie wrote A new word in March 1915, and that is where we meet Mrs Torrance – the night before her son is due to take up a position as 2nd Lieutenant in the army and depart for the first world war. She is a deeply affectionate mother who has “knitted enough for his entire platoon” and provides him with socks “to go inside your socks and these are for outside your socks”. She has an extremely sarcastic husband, but his wit falls on her “like pellets on sandbags”. She is absolutely a woman of her time, with no vote, and no real desire for it, believing she must just “take it on trust”. She is incredibly proud of her son fighting for his country, and also fearful for his safety and comfort in the trenches. She is the glue that holds the family together, and encourages her husband and son to spend time together. She is not the most subtle of women but her heart is in the right place and you cannot help but wish she would bake you some cookies and tuck you in with a warm glass of milk.
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